Thursday, 12 March 2015

Today I choose to be unfrugal but I think it's worth it. Want to know why?

Unfrugal choice, but it is worth it!
This seems to be a non frugal week for many people. In fact, today,  while I was thinking of writing about the unfrugal decision we took yesterday, I read a certain number of posts about non frugal adventures that happened to a lot of very frugal people. This makes me feel better because I was a little annoyed about the unfrugal  decision we had to take yesterday, even if I am sure that it is worth it. We all have to accept that there are some events that cannot be submitted to our Frugal Control.

Our decision concerns a pain my daughter has to a knee. 
We had a MRI scan and yesterday we had a visit with an orthopedist and he said that a surgery is needed in order to eliminate the pain and avoid problems in the future to the knee joint.
I am okay with the fact that sometimes surgery is the only solution but, in cases like this one, I' d prefer to ask for another opinion. I admit that the doctor gave us a precise and detailed explanation and that he seemed to be a really qualified person but I wonder if there is the opportunity to solve the problem with physiotherapy or something like that. For this reason I thought that before fixing the date of the surgery it was worth asking for another advice.

Here comes the question about a Frugal or unfrugal approach.

First of all we have to consider that in Italy we have a National Health Service and this allows us to have free admission to the hospital and free surgeries in hospital. We have as well a reduced price for  blood tests, medical examinations and so on ( we obviously pay a specific tax in order to have a National Health Service !!).
The problem is that sometimes the waiting list for specific visits or examinations is really too long and so the alternative is to ask for a visit with a private service (not covered by the National Health Service) with a higher cost.
We were lucky with my daughter's first visit as we asked for the visit on 6th March and we were able to have it for the 10th March ( I suppose that someone cancelled his visit at the last moment and this turned in a opportunity for us ).

Now what can we do?

As we decided for a second visit we can:
- ask for another visit through the National Health Service but we have already checked and the waiting list is too long for us
- fix a private visit with a higher cost. To give an idea, the cost of the visit through the National Healt Service was of Euro 28,50. The supposed cost for the private one fluctuates between 100,00 and 150,00 Euro. 

Our Decision

is to go for a private visit because we have to wait less time and it gives us the opportunity to choose a hospital specialized in knee problems.

I know this is a double non frugal solution because of the decision to ask for another advice and because of the cost of the visit but we absolutely feel that it is worth it as it concerns our daughter's health and future.

This event can't be submitted to our complete control and we accept that. This is life. 

This situation makes me think as well that frugality is a real personal matter and what works perfectly for my family could not be acceptable for another one.

Today we choose to be unfrugal, but we really love our new frugal life and the opportunities that it gives us. We keep on considering us a Frugal Family and we are thankful for that.

What about you? What unfrugal choice did you make? Is it worth it?


  1. You are so very right to do that ! I had some bad brushes with the Italian N.H.S., and my family too. If you can afford private, that's one of the occasions when being unfrugal is called for ! xx

  2. I think you're doing the right thing. Health and safety have to come before money. Best of luck to you guys, Sabrina, as you make decisions regarding your daughter's knee!

  3. When it comes to your health, especially of your child, frugality should NOT be part of the equation. How sad that you think that way and were forced to make a difficult-for-you decision. I hope that your Italian medical health plans never come here in America. When it comes to my children, husband or myself, we get the very best and pay whatever the price. We don't even think twice about it.
    Good luck to you. I hope your daughter's knee joint is fine.

  4. Agree with thriftyatsixty on putting health before money.

  5. Your decision sounds really reasonable to me. Just wondering: How long would you have to wait to see someone through the national service?

    1. Well, for a visit at the specialized hospital we choosed, we should wait 2 months. It is really too long as, if a surgery is needed, we would like to plan it for the summer during school holidays.

  6. well it's to do with yours or a loved ones health no expense is unfrugal in my humble opinion.