Tuesday, 10 March 2015

March Grocery Challenge . Update 1

A quick update for my March Grocery Challenge.

I am doing well until now.

I spent 104,00 Euro last week but I bought a little stockpile of meat.

Total amount spent till today is Euro 197,00.

I am happy to notice that the Grocery Challenge helps me to:

- keep a precise list of the amount I spend
- check what I have in my pantry/fridge/refrigerator before going shopping
- cut unnecessary purchases as snacks
- become more creative with my recipes as I try to use up what I have before buying
- save as it gives me a sort of motivation

I suppose I will continue with the Grocery Challenge in April too and I would like to create a list of what I buy including the cost and the name of the supermarket. This should help me to know if a specific item on offer is a real bargain or if I can buy it in a different supermarket with a lower price. I don't know if I will be able to create this list next month, but I certainly will write it down before the summer. I promise ( I add now a note on my blog to remind me that ! ).

You can read all my posts about my March Grocery Challenge here.

See you soon !

Note: I include in my Grocery Budget toiletries too.


  1. It helps when we go to the grocery store with a list. Without out, I end up throwing a bunch of stuff in the cart that doesn't really make sense together.

  2. I find some months I am above and some months I am below, but overall when you average it out over the year I am about on target. So like you if there is a good buy I will buy it and then the next month I may not buy as much.


  3. This sounds great, Sabrina. :)