Wednesday, 25 March 2015

DIY: Wardrobe project - part 2

As I wrote last week, we needed a new wardrobe for our bedroom and my husband managed to find a real bargain in a thrift shop but doors were damaged and it did not meet my requirements needs.

This is a photo the wardrobe when we bought it

but, as I said in my previous post,  I wanted  needed instead white doors with aluminium profiles....

My husband worked hard and he covered the old wood with some new thin white wood and fixed wooden light grey profiles. He managed to buy all the material for a very small amount of money and this is the result

It is exactly what I dreamt of but with real Frugal Cost.

It matches perfectly the existing furniture, it has a bright colour and it is as new! I absolutely love it.


 ( Sorry if the before photo is not good )

I would like to thank widely my husband as, without his creativity, his determination and his hard work, this would not have been possible

Do you work on DIY projects to improve your home? What DIY project you are proud of?


  1. It's beautiful, Sabrina ! I don't do DIY for the moment as I'm a bit embroiled in my 2 residence status ! It is not as pleasant as it sounds. Anyway, your husband is really gifted ... and he loves you a lot I think !! x

  2. that is perfect, super sleek and very modern. I am very lucky as my dh is extremely talented in DIY. At the moment he is not working on anything in our house, but this Saturday we will be down at our daughter's doing some DIY down there.