Wednesday, 18 March 2015

DIY: Wardrobe Project - part 1

Last year we realized that we had to buy a new wardrobe because we just had one big wardrobe in our children's bedroom and it was really too full even if we started decluttering.

I considered all the options: new ( cheap ones ) or used.

I immediately realized that the wardrobe I wanted needed ( with sliding doors and a modern design ) was too expensive for us and so I decided  to wait for a real bargain.  Okay, we are a Frugal Family but we would like to buy things we like, especially when they are supposed to stay in our house for a long period  of time ( as a wardrobe ). We prefer to wait rather than to buy something just because it is cheap. Moreover we thougth that a new wardrobe was not an urgent need. We just continued on as in the past.

And then the right occasion arrived: one months ago my husband found in a thrift store a wardrobe with the characteristics I wanted we needed, I mean with sliding doors and right dimensions because external doors were in very bad conditions and were not matching the existing furniture. Fortunately it was perfect inside. 

Anyway my husband told me he had an idea to change its aspect and so I said okay. He managed as well  to negotiate a really good price as the doors were damaged and the wardrobe had been in the shop since 3 months. This teaches us that we should always try and ask for a discount!

This is the wardrobe in its original version.

Oh, oh I wanted  needed instead white doors with aluminium profiles....

My husband is now working on it and I have complete confidence in his abilities so I can't wait to see our new ( for us ) wardrobe.

I'll keep you updated as soon as the project is completed.