Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Being Grateful For Little Things....

A hedgehog in our parking

As I wrote yesterday I am trying to get back on track as I was completely busy, disorganized and tired last week.

Today, when I came home with my son, after the school, we noticed a hedgehog in the parking. It is not usual to see them here. I mean, we can see hedgehogs in the woods but normally not near our house as there are just small pieces of lawn.

We don't know how it happened but it was a pleasant surprise.

We decided to transfer the hedgehog in the lawn ( a safer place than the parking, it's sure... ) and I won't annoy you with a description of the method we used ( it has been a funny experience )..

Better than in the parking!
My son wanted to check later if everything was okay and the hedgehog was no more there...perhaps he has a nest in our garden....we will see if we will have the opportunity to see the hedgehog again....

This experience made me think over the fact that sometimes we are completely focused on our commitments and we forget the pleasure to enjoy the little things. 

I am happy for the time I shared with my son and it was a joy for me to see how he was enthusiastic to have the possibility to take care of a little  animal. 

I am grateful for every moment I share with my family and now I feel better as I remember that memories are more important than a super cleaned and organized home.

I should have used that half an hour to deeply clean my kitchen, but I am happy to have chosen to spend time with my son.

Sometimes we need to remember what are the most important things for us. Today I'm happy with this and my kitchen will wait until tomorrow !

I know that it would be better to have time for cleaning/organization and for the family, but when it is not possible, I certainly choose to spend time with my family, without guilt.

What do you think?

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  1. and so you should, because in a blink of an eye your son will be all grown up and living somewhere else........