Monday, 23 February 2015

Frugal Italian Family blog: 3,2,1.....go!!!

Here we are at the beginning of this new adventure with our blog: Frugal Italian Family.

We would like to write about our simple and frugal life, that is full of satisfaction, about our saving tips, our DIY projects and about our dreams. 
Would you like to follow us?

Let's introduce ourselves.... 

Mrs. Frugalitalianfamily, wife, mum of 2, with a part-time job, she is always looking for frugal ideas
Mr. Frugalitalianfamily , husband, dad, with a full-time job,he always manages to find the best solution for everything
Miss Frugalitalianfamily, oldest daughter, a student with a passion for writing anf for foreign languages. She dreams of being able to find a job abroad  ( maybe not so far away from her mother....we live in the Northern of Italy and then Switzerland would be perfect to me !!! )
Baby Frugalitalianfamily  attends primary school, he has a passion for all sports and dreams of becoming a motocross champion (here again, mum has something to say ...).

Why a blog?

To share with you our passions, our victories and (why not?), even our failures and to keep a diary of our lives because, unfortunately, it is easy to forget .... we would like to give to our children the possibility to remember, even as adults, all the time we spend together. And then, if we could be of help to other people, we would be really happy.

Why living frugally is so important to us?
Because we realize that we need to save in order to have the possibility to do what we love.  We choose to live frugally and to spend less money where possible to have the opportunity to achieve our dreams.

What are our dreams?
Definitely give our children the opportunity to realize their dreams, or at least to try. We hope they will have the possibility to make their choices without financial toughts. We have a job, and we consider ourselves very lucky, but we do not earn big figures, so we have to be very careful ....

And for the present? None of us feels the need to buy expensive clothes or to travel in luxury hotels...but we love beautiful things, we love to travel, we love to see new places and living frugally gives us the possibility to do what we love.

And you? Have you ever thought about blogging? What do you want for the future?

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